Should Kids Have Homework?

Homework has long been at the center of educational talks and debate, be it essays, algebra problems, arts, etc. Specialists from all fields of education have had one or two things to say about homework.

Supporters of homework will argue that it helps students in terms of mastering academic and life skills, allowing for independent growth and development. It also allows parents to track the educational progress of their children.

On the other hand, those who are against homework believe that too much homework is harmful. Pointing to the fact that it reduces sleep and extracurricular time, which are vital to learning. Too much homework can lead to students losing interest in studying, especially if homework does not yield positive results.

So, why should students be given homework? Why should they not be given homework? These are three reasons why homework should or should not be given.

Why should homework be given?

1) Homework improves academic performance

Homework has been proven to help students improve their all-round academic performance. It is evident in improved grades, improved contribution to classroom discourse, and time management. Most students can perfect what has been learned at school through homework as well as developing useful skills.

2) Homework helps parents stay updated with their children’s academic development

Even if some parents believe too much homework is harmful, it is essential because it allows them to monitor the educational progress of their children. It will also let parents know the academic needs of their children.

3) Homework prepares students ahead for the bigger test

As said earlier, homework is a way for students to perfect what has been learned in school. If a child performs poorly in homework, there will be an opportunity to redo it without being scolded. It allows the students to prepare ahead of school tests and exams, where their abilities will be put to the test.

Why should homework not be given?

1) Homework reduces family time

Children need to spend enough time with their family and friends to stay refreshed. Family time is crucial when a child is growing. The absence of this break can cause communication problems for the child. This time can be taken away by excessive homework.

2) Homework can create malpractice habit

If the homework is too much, students can compromise and resort to copying other students to get their homework done. It may get them immediate rewards, but it isn’t suitable for their development.

3) Homework can have health effects on students

Children need a lot of sleep time for them to stay sharp when learning. After spending between 6-8 hours at school, assigning too much homework can cause them to lose their sleep time. It can cause adverse health issues as they won’t be able to recover from previous stress.


We can not deny the fact that homework is essential in the learning process of a child. But, it can also be a stressful task if it is too much.

Parents and teachers should find ways of agreeing on the factors that can make homework beneficial to the students. It should also allow room for other necessary activities like socializing and skills acquisition.

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